Trust in Planning – The Advantages of a Trust

Have you wondered what you can do now to plan for the future of your family?  Do you need a Will?  What is a Trust?  What are the advantages of a Trust?

What is a Trust?

A Trust is an agreement established for various purposes, including to manage some or all of your assets.  It can be created during your lifetime but also be effective after your passing. Some of the benefits of a Revocable Trust created during your lifetime may be avoiding probate, maintaining privacy, avoiding Will contests, quick disposition of assets, and asset management.  The choice to create a Revocable Trust can also be a more efficient avenue to avoid the need for filing an estate.  The advantage to your family may be that less money needs to be spent to carry out your wishes after death.  A Trust is also a great way to provide for a disabled family member or to specifically spell out your goals for the family. 

The key in deciding what best meets your needs is the legal advice of a professional. Here at Trainor Law PLLC, we are available to help you plan for your future, navigate you through the options available, and put your mind at rest that you have made it decisions that will benefit your family in the future.

Disclaimer: This article is intended for general educational purposes, not to convey legal advice, and does not establish an attorney-client relationship.  

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