Land Use Planning & Zoning

Do you want to…

  • Add an in-law apartment to your one-family home?
  • Build a shed in your backyard?
  • Add a story to your home?
  • Operate a business out of your home?
  • Expand or completely change the nature of your business at its current location?
  • Develop property through a Subdivision or Planned Development District?
  • Make any other change to the use of your property or the dimensions of the structures on your land?

Chances are your local government, through the use of its zoning and planning authority, has something to say about whether or not you can accomplish your goal. You need an attorney to guide you through the process of obtaining all necessary government approvals. Whether you require a use variance, an area variance, or to subdivide or combine parcels, our legal team will provide the vigorous representation and experience working with local government that you need on your side, from board representation to Article 78 litigation and appeals.

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